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Heavy machinery & production lines

HYBE Maskin is manufacturing and selling machinery and equipment for the foundry and metal processing industry. This cover and span from single equipment, service and repairs to complete production lines and project managment. HYBE is an offspring of the ancestor Malcus Holmqvist AB, a major swedish engineering company from the 20th century. Our aim is always to provide technical solutions that give the most of availability and flexibility during a long life time.

Our focus is always to find the simplest solution that is in gain for our customer´s high demands in quality and profitability. "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler". We always want long and mutual rewarding relations with our customers.

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Vi har byggt upp breda nätverk för att med en flexibel kärnorganisation kunna anpassa vår kapacitet efter projektens storlek. Vi har kompetens att driva och administrera projekt där ”procurement” är en väsentlig delkomponent för att kunna leverera med komplett systemansvar.